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    Baby Kingdom

    Welcome. As you know i am a mom and although i was lucky enough to skin condition free child, i know some families who struggle with it, having it afecting not just the children…

  • Body Face Hair iFlont


     Cless, under the directive “Beaty that completes” has grown meteorically since its inception in 2004. Care Liss was the company´s first brand to be purchased. In 2006 acquired the brands Charming and Essenza. In…

  • Body Face Hair iFlont

    SURYA Brasil

    SURYA Brasil arose at a web research for vegan brands and responsible practices. As I got into it, I realized that while there is little visual fuss around the brand and products, responsible practices,…

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    Maxiline Professional

    Criada em 2000 a Maxiline é uma marca que prima pela qualidade.  Encontrada nos melhores salões espalhados por todo o Brasil a Maxiline transporta o conhecimento tecnológico profissional utilizado na criação dos seus produtos…

  • Body Hair iFlont

    Vizcaya Cosmetics

    created in Brazil in 1997 with the aim of offering high quality products focused on body and hair, with more than 80 products on its list. Vizcaya does not carry any animal testing. The…

  • Body Face Hair iFlont


    Similar to the Younique article, I bring you a brand created to try to solve a skin problem common to many men and women: inflammation after shaving your beard. Yes, women. After realizing the…

  • Body Face Hair iFlont


    IFlont is a new project and it has not been easy to work on the blog without revealing what iFlont really should be and will be. By now, more than a page that speaks…

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    Couleur Caramel

    Launched in France in 2003 is considered the first French range of natural and bio make-up on the market, an alternative to conventional cosmetics. Natural and biological products made from ingredients of organic farming…

    Hair iFlont

    Amend Cosmetics

    I’m back and this time with hair products. On the previous articles, face care had the spotlight, leaving the hair and body behind. To fight this I’ll talk about AMEND. AMEND has 20 years…

  • Ida Fonseca tem 42 anos, é casada, mãe e sobrevivente a um cancro da mama.

    Hello again.

    For this article, I’ll leave you the testimony of a woman who did not give up until she became what we all aim to: happy and beautiful. Ida Fonseca is 42 years old, Portuguese,…