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    Well, welcome. I will try and alternate the content of the articles, bringing brands that appeal to the female, male and …. everyones universe. It not being my area of expertise and having never…

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    BITE Beauty

    BITE Beauty is…pink. Naturally pink. The brand, like many others, is recent and has little to do with its history on the official website. That is not why, however, the founder, Susanne Langmuir, refuses…

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    Bésame Cosmetics

    Bésame Cosmetics is a… vintage brand. or may not… The brand was created in 2004, with the intention of reviving the “Golden Years the Hollywood”… or maybe not, although it seems that way. Regardless,…

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    Gibs Grooming

    CEO Brian “Gib“ Long and COO Mike “Big Smooth“ Howland. Two outdoor-loving, fishing, hunting, meat-eating guys from Colorado. Initially created a beard oil, and why is that? Because these two bearded fellows, through several…

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    Aether Beauty

    First of all, we are amazed: there are countless vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free, CREDO friendly, etc., brands. To all who are interested in this, by choice or need, do not give up. The only drawback…

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    Adorn Cosmetics

    Back to Australia. Adorn Cosmetics is a fairly recent brand, founded in 2009 and is the result of discontent with the entire cosmetic industry and the state of planet Earth . Briony Kennedy, the…

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    American Crew

    In 1994 Stylist David Raccuglia, like a few other visionaries at the time, (some of which already mentioned in previous articles in this blog) predicted a future  increase in demand for men’s grooming products.…

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    kaia naturals

    kaia naturals emerged from a global search for vegan brands. Among others, kaia stood out for its minimal and avant-garde image. Canadian, it is however governed by European Union and Canadians standards, with production…

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    Selvert Thermal

    2020, according to numerology it will be a year of “meticulous construction of a secure base for the future”. We’ll see; nevertheless, these are our wishes to you all. Happy 2020. We start the…

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    AG Hair Cosmetics created in by Sinemar Iris de Rezende and Ledirce Fernandes da Silva. The creators of this brand have been working in the area for 8 years with exclusive supply to beauty…