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    Well, welcome. I will try and alternate the content of the articles, bringing brands that appeal to the female, male and …. everyones universe. It not being my area of expertise and having never…

  • Body Face Hair iFlont

    Gibs Grooming

    CEO Brian “Gib“ Long and COO Mike “Big Smooth“ Howland. Two outdoor-loving, fishing, hunting, meat-eating guys from Colorado. Initially created a beard oil, and why is that? Because these two bearded fellows, through several…

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    American Crew

    In 1994 Stylist David Raccuglia, like a few other visionaries at the time, (some of which already mentioned in previous articles in this blog) predicted a future  increase in demand for men’s grooming products.…

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    AG Hair Cosmetics created in by Sinemar Iris de Rezende and Ledirce Fernandes da Silva. The creators of this brand have been working in the area for 8 years with exclusive supply to beauty…

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    18.21 Man Made

    18.21 Man Made created in 2014 by Angel del Solar, Aston Lafon and David del Solar, inspired by the spirit of the prohibition era. Their story, with a touch of fate, brought them together…

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    Baxter of California

    Baxter of California, Created in 1965. Los Angeles, CA Baxter Finley due to a lack of cosmetics for men, decided to creat his own products, thus setting the foundations to the brand we know…

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    Baby Kingdom

    Welcome. As you know i am a mom and although i was lucky enough to skin condition free child, i know some families who struggle with it, having it afecting not just the children…

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    Alba Botanica

    Hi’s another brand to look into. ALBA Botanica is a US brand born in 1979 and … what a pleasure it was to write about it. Some frustration started with the initial approach,…

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     Cless, under the directive “Beaty that completes” has grown meteorically since its inception in 2004. Care Liss was the company´s first brand to be purchased. In 2006 acquired the brands Charming and Essenza. In…

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    SURYA Brasil

    SURYA Brasil arose at a web research for vegan brands and responsible practices. As I got into it, I realized that while there is little visual fuss around the brand and products, responsible practices,…