About iFlont




As this blogs’ premiere, I’ll write something about…me. How it all started, who I am and what goals have I set for iFlont.

I am 35 years old, I am a woman, mother and I’m an entrepreneur. The (platform) iFlont., was born from this intention to do something on my own, for my family.

It all started back in 2014, on one of my last work trips, by the companies in which I’ve learned the most. I went to represent the company and as such, my image could not be neglected at any time and truth be told, I always looked after myself. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but I have always found myself less confident or less something, if I did not have the help of those little life savers (aka, makeup e.g.) that by now are as natural as … eating.

On this last trip I went to a beautician for some hair removal. Quickly and without spending too much time browsing, I realized that ”that” would be the right place. It seemed somewhat modern, cheap, clean and therefore ideal.

Already in the torture room I realized that the session probably would not be as pleasant (being that it never is) as I had anticipated.

They had no disposable underwear, the refills of wax were dirty, the marquise’s paper was crumpled and the girl seemed lost. She put the gloves on but immediately took them off because they clung to the sticky wax dispensers and, in short, I found myself listing some behaviors that made me feel unsafe and a bit alarmed. Normally, this translates into a less friendly smile and some questions that I try to make in a really calm and cool tone, but are not, as they only exist in this vain attempt to a more assertive behavior create in the person, leaving the insecurities and follies aside.

Lying and stripped of everything, we began.

At this point, any of you know that the hair removal technique is simple: clean skin, hair with a minimum of length, wax with some quality, put the wax in the direction of the hair and remove in the opposite direction, always with the paper parallel to the skin.

However, only a few of these criteria were met and I ended up without hair but sweaty, irritated, sore and with those infamous black bruises of epilation, which resemble hickeys made against will and of abnormal dimensions.

After this experience and once freed of my professional duties, I relaxed and looked at myself.

I did not like what I saw… I was tired, but most of all, I was saddened by what they had done and by the pain I was in, not to mention that visually I looked like a young Dalmatian.

When I returned from my trip and contemplated changing my life (at a number of levels), I thought about what I could create or do that would be useful. That made sense looking who I am. I wanted to leave a positive mark. Not just a brand but a legacy (many will say at this point that an aesthetics platform will hardly be a legacy, unless it generates millions, but I believe they are mistaken).

In the midst of all these thoughts, I focused on the discomfort I felt and on how irresponsible I had been in deciding where to go. I valued the image, space and price. But why? I KNOW that this does not equal quality, so why? Why did I decide so lightly on something so meaningful?

Because as usual, we lack time, knowledge, quality information and above all, information that is easy to find and sift through.

And here is the answer to how iFlont. Started.

IFlont aims to be what many platforms already are: aggregated information centers in an easy, intuitive and reliable way. This last aspect is only achieved in a way: reviews!

I do not want to reveal everything because surprises are the best things in life, but on iFlont. we can find the answer to a series of problems that I know are common to 90% of human beings who care about health, beauty and wellbeing.

I want anyone to feel included, free and enlightened.

After all, we are sentient beings and we know that the best things are not bought, they are felt. Ironically, these three areas – beauty, health and wellbeing – still demand a great deal of money, but the trends say that if spending is stable, the benefits and quality will be exponentially greater by looking at the evolution of techniques and the availability of services, therefore, let’s keep on looking for the best. I will do what I can so that the legacy will emerge and the satisfaction will show.

So, in a farewell note I’ll leave you with a candy: I will not be the only one writing.

Women still rule the world of beauty. If not in leadership roles, in actual consumption of time and money. At iFlont, I want representation and empathy to be the core, and for that, along with my articles, will be the articles of a friend, investor, and man, as committed to success as I am.

He’ll soon be here. See you tomorrow.