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Bésame Cosmetics is a… vintage brand. or may not…

The brand was created in 2004, with the intention of reviving the “Golden Years the Hollywood”… or maybe not, although it seems that way. Regardless, we say…way to go! What a wonderful set of products!

The brand’s mentor, Gabriela Hernandez, tried to recreate the glamor of her grandmother’s beauty routine, which include products somehow unrelated to our nowaday lives. The packaging, colours and way of use are unfamiliar, yet, beautiful and useful.

Bésame has won a cult of loyal followers that love the meticulous design, the densely pigmented cosmetics, inspired by times we can only dream of. It boasts luxury, care and glamour, free from animal cruelty, with products formulated for sensitive skin.

But, let us stop for a while and before moving on to the unfolding of the brand, let me point this: the cosmetics world is cruel (don’t doubt it!) and brands like Bésame and others, revive hope in the frivolous world of beauty , which ends up being an extension of health and well-being! Responsible brands emerge in every corner and the demand is increasing, making us believe that the change in mentality is easier and more natural than initially expected. Maybe because todays trend is in enjoying life, returning to what is natural and feels natural.

Bésame tries to do exactly that.

Thought of and developed in the US, its “Cruelty Free” and a family business.

The brands website also holds some surprises. One of them comes in the form of a pop-up, informing customers about the import rates practiced in the country, if they want to proceed with the purchase of Bésame products. This type of information display is unusual (I say…) but extremely useful. With this, I realized for example how much to buy without VAT and exempt from import duties. Take a look (it’s in Portuguese):

Exploring the site a little more, we realize that there is a clear effort in creating products faithful to the vintage cult and attentive to quality. The golden tones, the round and feminine lines, and the sweet and delicate prints, almost with an allusion to innocence, even childhood.

However, we should not confuse the look with the purpose. The brand takes on femininity and asks for empowered and capable women. Still, it fits all.

Reference articles?
This is one of the brands that makes the choice difficult. I’m a mummy and these products ask for what I rarely am in the morning, but still want to be: fresh, feminine and confident.

With that said, i would go for:

Black Cake Mascara

For23,95eur , the reviews are unanimous. The product satisfies, lasts, does not irritate or disturbs the balance of the skin and best of all, it is accessible at an extraordinary price.

I point out that the product can and should be used as mascara, as well as eyeliner and on eyebrows. The same product exists in brown and dark purple.

Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup

Autographed by the founder, these books shed light on methods of adornment, styles and fashions, appealing, as always, to the feminine, natural beauty and enhancement of features, since the 1920s.

Bésame has strong ties to Disney. For reasons that I find difficult to point out completely but that I believe are linked to dream, charm, glamor and an affirmative attitude of what is feminine again, the brand is not shy in creating products that are … dreamy.


Last but not least, let me inform you that my colleague Cláudio Pitra is no longer part of the iFLont project. It is with pity and regret that I say this, but sometimes and for the good of all, it is best to follow different paths, with the hope that in both of them there will be the much sought-after happiness.

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See you soon.

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