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Gibs Grooming


CEO Brian “Gib“ Long and COO Mike “Big Smooth“ Howland.


Two outdoor-loving, fishing, hunting, meat-eating guys from Colorado. Initially created a beard oil, and why is that?

Because these two bearded fellows, through several experiences in the cosmetic industry, with the likes of, chalk temporary hair dye, among others on their lapels, on one of these events came across a gap on the market, beard oil, so they decided to creat their own.”Guys into beard stuff”.

Not just a brand, a way of life. From bagels to beards, with so many other adventures along the way. “No apologies, no regrets”.

“If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life”.

These sentences give you an ideia of what Gib, Big Smooth and their team are about.

This is a brand with a positive attitude, challenging you to step up your grooming game.

Their very direct relationship with the barber community, is a plus.

Barbers and stylists nowadays are not just people who cut your hair and trim your beard. Amongst so many other roles they play in peoples lives, the enormous variety of stories those chairs could tell if they could speak.

Barbers also get the input from what the customer is looking for first hand, acquiring valuable information that can be used in product development. Gibs Grooming have a wide range of  beard, body and hair products, but they are much more than that. From lessons about how to become, as well as be a good barber, through to motivational speeches about work, money, family, happiness in general, they also raise money for cancer awarness.

Their products for beard, body and hair will get you out of the door twice as fast. Nowadays time is never enough, we live faster thus we need quality products that get you out of the door fast, looking good and smelling great.

With a few awards under their belt Gibs Grooming has been a major player in the ressurging field of beards fashion.

Donna Federici, creator of big sexy hair with Michael O’Rourke in the 90’s, the genius behind their marketing campain.

This was the explanation Donna gave Gib about the first products they created and she marketed:

 “It’s clunky, it’s out of the box, and you’re not a tin soldier on the shelf like all these other brands that line up and match. You are not from the beauty industry, and this brand … ’cause it’s gonna be bigger than beard oil Gib,” she said it, “is going to be who you are in a brand with products behind it, and that is what we’re going for here.” And so it was, the beggining of Gibs Grooming.

Gibs Grooming Master Barber Danny Amorim and Mike Sharp, have been with the founders since nearly the beggining themselves and played an important role in what the brand has achived so far in the words of no other then Brian “Gib” Long.

Because of their beard oil origins i have selected to talk about  the blue bottle (the original oils were three bottles, the blue, the red and the yellow)

Voodoo Prince Beard, Hair and Tattoo oil (The blue bottle). An oil, that is not to thin nor to thick, its just perfect and smells great. It doesn´t matter what kind of beard style you are into. It fits all daily demands of you beard. Versatile enough to do a great job as an Hair and Tattoo oil as well. A Flagship of the brand since its creation.

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