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First of all, we are amazed: there are countless vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free, CREDO friendly, etc., brands.

To all who are interested in this, by choice or need, do not give up. The only drawback is often the cost and when the products are affordable, there is mostly shipping and / or other expenses. For all these reasons, these products that although not new are still emerging, already serve all purposes. There are products suitable for hair, face, body, skin and nails.

I make it my mission to leave you weekly articles about lesser-known brands (even for me).

Back to it, here is Aether Beauty.

A vegan, sustainable brand, born in 2018 and designed by Tilla Abbitt.

Tilla is passionate, creative and has an amazing path. She passed by Sephora and focused her career on product development. Having worked in the fashion industry, with a BFA (“Bachelor in Fine Arts”) in sculpture and an MFA (“Masters in Fine Arts”) in fashion design, she stood in this world for 5 years, before moving on to beauty, quickly assuming a leading role of her brand’s Research & Development (“R&D”) department.

This role led her to realize that the FDA banned only 11 ingredients considered to be toxic, while in the European Union this list amounts to 1300 ingredients.

For this reason, Tilla formulates cosmetics that comply with the EU’s goals, thereby achieving a larger market and a clear and effective way to enter the EU. Thus, she realized how to create colored cosmetics, when this was difficult, such the restriction of ingredients.

A vegetarian for 24 years and recently vegan, Tilla tries to bring what is organic and natural to her daily life, seeing that none of the alternatives on the market could be as effective as the brands of conventional beauty. Vegan and natural alternatives did not offer a satisfactory range of colors or a truly sustainable packaging policy.

At that point, Tilla decided to treat the product and everything that accompanied it, with respect and in a sustainable way. No product is launched without it being the demonstration of a surely ecological and sustainable policy. After all, the beauty industry is one of the most polluting ones.

“Recyclable packaging”. Source

Here’s a list of ingredients that Aether Beauty added to the EU one, banning all these ingredients from their cosmetics composition:

Parabensphthalatessiliconeoxybenzonesynthetic perfumespetrolatumEDTADEA/TEA/MEA/ETAPEGS + SLESnanoparticlesheavy metalsBHA + BHTTricolsanTriclocarbanFormaldehydeEthylene glycolTeflon (PTFE)Aluminumplastic microbeadscarbon blacktalcunsustainably sourced MicaPalm Oil

The effect of the crystals on the color palette of the shadows, are visible to the naked eye. The natural glow, the cardboard packaging and the photographs themselves, illustrate the use of colors, appealing to what is natural, in balance with the planet.

The brand’s store has only 6 products and it is actually common for me to discard brands with such a small range. However, Aether Beauty gathered a mysticism that I decided to explore. I am not skeptical of anything, but it may be said that by not believing in anything, I am skeptical of everything. Is it so? Perhaps.

I do say that despite the possible contradiction, I like to think that we are intimately connected to nature and dangerously disconnected from it.

Aether Beauty comes to ask for that connection and all that is intrinsic to it . All of this led me to write about the brand, recommending it.

Usually, I advise you to try two articles, which are usually the ones that most interest me. This time, I’m lost. 🙂

Despite loving make-up, the shadows are still a bit unknown to me and so is the brightness in them. I would have to resort to reviews but even then, it would not be a felt recommendation. For that reason, i can only recommend a colour pallet that relates to me.

Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette

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See you soon.

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