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Back to Australia.

Adorn Cosmetics is a fairly recent brand, founded in 2009 and is the result of discontent with the entire cosmetic industry and the state of planet Earth .

Briony Kennedy, the founder, now recovered from postpartum depression, an environmental activist, a former model and a veteran of the beauty industry, became an ambassador for guilt-free beauty (“Guilt Free Makeup“), which aims to counter practices such as excessive use of plastics, unnecessary testing on animals and the toxic ingredients disguise in the composition of cosmetics, embraced a mission that hopes to change the way things work.


Believing in the power of the collective, the founder intends to inspire the ethical awareness movement, hoping this posture leads to a positive and enriching social change.

One of Adorn‘s main objectives was to reduce the plastic that has caused the planet to suffocate, creating refills and samples of products in the available range, making these solutions the change that the industry needed. In addition to innovation, Adorn sought certification that would surely put them on the market as a clean or “guilt free” brand, rewarding the ethical posture that characterizes the brand.

Today, it enjoys accreditation that places it in the niche market for cosmetics that are truly safe:

Cruelty Free“;

Adorn has also been independently assessed, and found to be free of toxins and allergens.


Although it may seem strange and ecologically contradictory, since the refills are themselves packages difficult to break down (in this case, non-recyclable), the nature of these refill packs, are nevertheless easier to the environment than the products original packaging.


Despite this, the brand is transparent about all the products specs:

But the brand’s strengths are not limited to ethics, certifications and / or innovation. Adorn provides tutorials on its page, which encourage purchase, while increasing confidence in the product at the same time.

SInce the ingredients meet the natural characteristics of the skin, it is safe to assume that many of the skin manifestations, which often mean less quality of life and undermine the confidence of many of us, can be minimized or even canceled out in the use of right products. Today more than ever, the testimonies THE reference and for this reason, Adorn is betting on videos that reflect the brand’s high commitment to creating safe cosmetics.

Take a look:

Finally and because it was not possible to obtain Adorn products, I leave two I would like to test and recommend, looking at the reviews online. So:


I like the purposes of the cream, the packaging, size, ease of application and nature of the ingredients. Since in 2019 it won the “ECO EXCELLENCE” award as the best “personal care make-up”, my curiosity is heightened.


Like the previous one, I like the nature of the ingredients and the fact that it is a night cream.

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See you soon.

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