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kaia naturals emerged from a global search for vegan brands. Among others, kaia stood out for its minimal and avant-garde image. Canadian, it is however governed by European Union and Canadians standards, with production in Canada.

As you can predict, this vegan brand is cruelty free, gluten free and holds CREDO standarts.


For those to whom CREDO is unknown, I can say that this posture aims a “clean beauty”, encouraging a conscious approach to all products come in contact with our body. Over time, the public should be able to choose without fear and in an informed manner, maintaining a “clean cycle” of beauty, which implies TRANSPARENCY, SECURITY. ETHICS, SUSTAINABILITY and SOURCE recognition.

For the most curious, I recommend you to visit CREDOs page, knowing more about the “dirty list” that refers to products that are almost always present in most of the products we use and are toxic.

Back to kaia naturals and its history; founded in 2010 by Mary Futher, it intends to design products, combining innovation, performance and simplicity, creating natural and luxurious products. The growing concern in the use of products containing toxic ingredients, aware of the environmental impact and without them being associated to cruelty to animals, makes kaia a benchmark.

But more than offering clean and vegan products, kaia gives follow-up and advice, p.e., explaining through time, what changes the body undergoes once using kaia products, calling it “the stages of detox”.


Contrary to the norm, although increasingly common, the range of products is small, but well worked and almost 100% sustainable.

I was really surprised when I read all the specifications and advice for using the make-up remover wipes pack “THE VITAMIN CLEANSE | 30 PACK“.

These wipes can be used in all areas of the face, without the need to rinse, with kaia encouraging that in the end we should bury and water each one, so we can aknowledge its fast and total decomposition.

Another reference is given to deodorants and dry shampoos. The brand offers advice on the use of shampoos, clarifying the innumerable doubts surrounding this type of product, warning that each type of hair and its condition, requires different care and use.

Both this product and deodorants, can be purchased in airplane size. Their description appeals to the senses. The smells promise an unpretentious and comfortable use.

If it was for me, i would bet on “CHARCOAL DEODORANT | COLD PRESSED ROSE“:


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