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In 1994 Stylist David Raccuglia, like a few other visionaries at the time, (some of which already mentioned in previous articles in this blog) predicted a future  increase in demand for men’s grooming products. Source

Since its creation American Crew as evolved to become the most sought after mens grooming brand in the world.

Elvis Presley is one of several celebreties that can be found linked to the brands prestigious history. Source

This meteoric rise to the apex of men’s world of cosmetic culminated with the partnership between American Crew and the iconic Harley Davidson, a partnership that speaks volumes about the reputation of both the brand and its products. .

How can a brand strive to become a worldwide leader on its field of choice for so long?

That’s a question many ask but only a selected few are able to answer. Nevertheless quality is the stand out attribute to any successful brand. With American Crew we get Quality, Variety, Reputation, Style, Value and Satisfaction.

In this instance, Satisfaction being the name of the game. Men like women like to feel good, feel confident about themselves. Some quality products when used incorrectly may not give you the expected results.

American Crew provides Grooming tips so you, the customer, can enjoy the full potential of their products and not just rely on their quality to do the ‘business’.

In spite of these same grooming tips you can increase your knowledge furthermore by attending some of the brands upcoming events, the dates can be found on their facebook page. Source


The cherry on top of the cake are the different offers the brand has available for its loyal, as well as new customers.

It is important to mention that the products quality is only guaranteed when purchased from official suppliers.

Quite often nowadays we see or hear this question as a marketing tool, yet in this case its not a marketing tool at all, its an opportunity.

What do i mean by that?

You can be an American Crew all star global champion… if you have what it takes.

The All star challenge is a platform for stylists and groomers from all over the world, to present their skills at a projection some of them have never experienced before and some others never will.

A rare opportunity to learn new techniques with some of the best stylists in the world, to learn new styling methods, acquire more knowledge, prizes, exposure, the chance to go from anonimity to worldwide recognition with a click of your scisors.  This years contest will crown 5 winners, with this years grand final being held in Los Angeles, USA.

In this article i have selected to highlight ASC19 Champion (Emma Jankowski) favourite products.

When asked which American Crew products she would like to have under her christmas tree, Emma Jankowski selected the following.

Boost powder – Anti gravity volume powder with matte finish. For a gravity defying texture and flexible hold with benefits as it retains natural moisture, revitalizes and restores hair.

Fiber Grooming Foam –  This is a hair foam that provides long lasting manageable volume with medium hold, natural shine and heat protection. Works well with medium to long hair.

American Crew all-purpose cutting comb –  The American crew All-Purpose Cutting Comb its a tool for all primary shape shear cuts. The long lenght of the comb assists in proper control of combing the vertical sections taken at the bottom half of the head. The smaller side with extra fine teeth allows for grater ease of manipulation to acommodate all interior adjustments.

We at iFlont have not received any gifts nor payment from American Crew for the writting of this article. Our article about the brand is purely based on information gathered through a lot of research and customers opinions. Talking about customers opinions, the reviews i have managed to read through, which were a lot,  are proof of the brands quality, any unsatisfied customer that took the time to leave a review have done so based on political reasons, a couple for customers service issues but not a single one because they were dissatisfied with the product or products they’ve purchased.

We hope the information gathered in this article has been usefull, if so please leave a comment on our blog.

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