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2020, according to numerology it will be a year of “meticulous construction of a secure base for the future”. We’ll see; nevertheless, these are our wishes to you all. Happy 2020.

We start the year writing about one of the few brands that has ever given us feedback.

For that, thank you.

A SELVERT THERMAL is represented in Portugal by COSMAKE, with Sara Martins as head of communication . Please follow COSMAKE on Facebook and Instagram.

SELVERT has an interesting and visionary history. Dr. Back, the founder of Biosystems in 1936, felt that happiness was directly related to health, self-esteem, the ability to be or become less permeable to external factors, impossible to avoid or ignore; a theory first defended by Sigmund Freud (i advise reading).

These factors also consider interpersonal relationships and the way we absorb the world, being it different from the way the world projects itself to us, affectingh everything. First impressions and the ability to feel good was one of the major factors of unhappiness that Dr. Bach made sure to attack and try and control.

From this intention IDESCO was born in 1975, with SELVERT THERMAL as main brand. Since then, IDESCO has grown significantly, with 15 participating companies and an overall presence in over 110 countries.

Based in Barcelona, ​​IDESCOsays We make health. We make beauty. We make life happen in a better way (Fazemos saúde. Fazemos beleza. Fazemos a vida acontecer de uma melhor forma)” – This is the motto of Idesco, Cosmetic Research and Development Company”.

“The Idesco group’s mission is to minimize unhappiness through beauty by providing innovative, high quality products that help people feel better about themselves and improve the first impression they make on others, thereby also improving interpersonal relationships. .
In this sense, the Selvert and Selvert Thermal brands emerged as the main brands of Idesco, and the brands were unified in Selvert Thermal. The brand’s beauty philosophy allows the company to offer all men and women treatments tailored to their needs, lifestyles and desires. Selvert Thermal has extremely elaborate treatment lines. Their groundbreaking research by market analysts and their innovative formulas are a clear example of what active and effective cosmetic technology can provide for the modern beauty professional. “

Official source

SELVERT THERMAL has several product lines:

Facial Sheet Masks
Cell Vitale Anti Age
+ Pure Vitamin C
Hyaluronique Ligne
Peptide Lift
L’espirit Dermatologique
The Concentrates
Regeneration Absolute
Ligne Pour le Visage
Ligne Corporelle
Daily Beauty Care

Of these, I highlight two:

Hyaluronique Ligne, with

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid serum that penetrates the deepest layers of the skin. With anti-aging effect, it helps to improve elasticity, firmness and hydration. Promotes Wrinkle Redensification.

Application: Apply morning and night after cleansing on the face, neck and neckline with gentle movements until fully absorbed.
Contains: thermal water, Hyaluronic Acid (low molecular weight), soy protein extract SPF 4.
Packing: Diffuser 30 ml
Cosmetic Type: Serum
pH: 6.5 -7.5
Absorption: Intermediate
Texture: Serum
Indication: Devitalized and aged skins.

Daily Beauty Care with

Cleansing Mousse suitable for combination skin / sensitive skin, without fat. Concentrated soap that, emulsified with water, provides deep cleansing and gentle purifying action.

Application: Apply morning and evening to the skin and emulsify with circular motions. Remove with plenty of water.
Contains: Biosaccharide (cell protector), Dermocompatible (non-irritant) surfactants
Packing v. P. 200 ml bottle
Cosmetic Type: Solution
Ph: 7.5 – 8.5
Absorption: Does not Absorb
Texture: soap
Indications: Cleansing mousse suitable for sensitive, mixed and oily skin.

Any of these products would do wonders for my skin and help in premature aging.

Note that there are also products for the male market. Although iFlont does not want a binary gender constraint, it is often difficult to evade as the market is still outlined in these terms.

oFlont therefore decides to place the information as it reaches us, believing that the user will make the proper distinction and framing. For further clarification or questions, you can always contact us.

I suggest you follow COSMAKE on social media as mentioned above , and SELVERT THERMAL on Instagram and Facebook.

See you soon.

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