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AG Hair Cosmetics created in by Sinemar Iris de Rezende and Ledirce Fernandes da Silva.


The creators of this brand have been working in the area for 8 years with exclusive supply to beauty salons. In 2008, and following their dream, they created AG Hair Cosmetics thus also providing the end user with their quality products.

We should not confuse AG Hair Cosmetics with AG Hair (Canadian cosmetics company). I may in the future create an article regarding its canadian namesake, however this article is referring to Brazilian brand originated in Goiânia.

Although AG Hair Cosmetics is a brand mainly aimed at females, since most of its products are aimed at this target audience, it also has men’s products, namely styling pomades and a beard product line, among others.

AG Hair Cosmetics is a brand in which the quality of its products can be proven by the positive comments of its customers.

AG Hair advises, to prolong the color, wash the hair as little as possible, massaging only the root area. Use warm water instead of very hot water and avoid the dryer, straighteners and babyliss, which accelerate paint discoloration. Source

AG Hair Cosmetics has toning shampoos that prolong the gloss of the paint.

Red Professional shampoo for dyed red hair.

The professional Silver Shampoo for blonde-colored hair.

The Black Professional shampoo for black-colored hair.

The soothing Leave-in Botox Brush is applied to the hair to prevent frizzy hair, reducing volume. It is a powerful cuticle sealer. Ideal for hair that goes through very agressive chemical processes, because they usually lose much of their natural oiliness, so they look dry and dull. In the care to be taken at home, it is necessary to recover this oiliness, fundamental for the nutrients to reach the tips.


For men’s products, we highlight AG Hair styling pomade, which facilitates styling as well as fixing your hair. Modern hairstyles require a longer hold due to the length of the hair as well as new styles of shorter hair cuts. AG Hair Styling pomade does not leave hair greasy or wet, providing a secure and lasting hold.

You can be a part of the team, take advantage and become an AG Hair Cosmetics representative. No experience is required, just contact AG Hair where your questions will be answered and you will be able to count on the help of their technical team as needed. To facilitate your integration you can also enjoy an initial investment that will provide you with an excellent profit margin. Source

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