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Before we start, Merry Chritmas.

And Cocunat wishes you the same, but we’ll get there shortly.

As with all brands, there is something particular about Cocunat that arouses my curiosity (of course) but … this brand arouses my desire for…revelry, fun time, excitement.

The entire Cocunat webpage is filled with colors that remind me of Miami Vice … See:

Weird? Hopefully not.

But back to it and because our role is to make you aware of products and brands that impress us, making sure you consider them in your choices, Cocunat did just that: it impressed. It made sure i would consider them from now on.

I’ve read numerous”About Us” texts, searched hundreds of pages and this one made me laugh. Maybe it was my mood of the day, but I don’t think so.

The brand is assertive, clear, not boring at all and, in fact, you can see that they try to find a balance between the “minimalist information” and “enough information”.

Cocunat is a Barcelona-based company born by Sara Werner‘s hand and in tune with the world. Cocunat has always set out to give more than just the indication “parabens free and other substances”, striving continuously to sell products that are affectively free of most harmful substances.

As stated on the page and since most of us are similar to each other and use daily products such as face cream, soap or shower gel, body cream, deodorant and maybe a hair product, it is estimated that we will come into contact with thousands of chemicals that in the long run, will be linked to conditions like skin problems, asthma, reproductive system problems or even cancer. Cocunat mentions this and works every day to eliminate all harm and present a wider range of natural productts. According to the brand, they were able to remove over 9,000 toxic substances at this point. Nine thousand everyone! THAT is something.

This number impresses me. But more than that, I can say that I have never read or heard of any other brand, an effort that would result in such a feat. I, who began to embark on natural cosmetics a short time ago, did not know how many substances we are exposed to, until I come across Cocunat.

In addition to safe ingredients, Cocunat does not test products on animals, attempts to reduce carbon footprint by using PET plastic, glass, biodegradable ingredients, avoiding aluminum and creating formulas that only meet the needs of skin and hair, discarding unnecessary ones.

As a user and since Cocunat has not (yet) sent us samples, i would only buy one item:

My skin is extremely absorbent. I have always had a hard time finding a product that I totally liked, even when price was no problem. Today that i know my skin and I know what she really needs, I also know that the skin, like everything else, gets saturated of the same product, over and over. Nevertheless, I always go for natural oils and this oil could be one of the ones that solves my problem. Of course, having the solution to my problem already in hand, I may not need to purchase EXTRAORDINARY OIL, but I am certainly curious and obliged to suggest it.

But more than that, the skin is the organ that is most exposed to external factors, wile combining various functions and allowing the overall well being of the body. We should therefore approach her health (from head to toe) with the same commitment that we tend to treat our hair or face.

 “in Cocunat, you will never find: sulphates, EDTAs, Aluminum, Mineral Oils, Parabens, Toluene, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Silicone, Triethanolamine, Artificial colours, toxic fragrances, endocrine disruptors, or any of the over 9,000 substances that have been discarded because they are toxic or suspected of being toxic.

You can find Cocunat on Instagram or facebook.

Follow their facebook and you may find interesting some of the promotions or giveaways of the brand.

See you soon

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