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18.21 Man Made


18.21 Man Made created in 2014 by Angel del Solar, Aston Lafon and David del Solar, inspired by the spirit of the prohibition era.

Their story, with a touch of fate, brought them together in creating a brand that inspires a nostaligic and yet modern experience.

Even though the way they have come together in the field of mens cosmetics derives from some very interesting personal stories, that i will not get into, as its the quality of the products this trio managed to creat that inspired me in the making of this article.

Nevertheless to the fans and those more curious about the brand’s origins i would advise reading the back ground of the co-founders.


The name 18.21 pays homage to the 18th amendment of the US constitution, which, in 1919 established the prohibition of “intoxicating liquors”, and the 21st amendement which repealed the former in 1933.

Both Del Solar brothers have cosmetology knowledge and even though Aston Lafon doesn’t possess the same background in this department, doesn’t in any way put into question his knowledge about the subject. Angel and David del Solar focus more on the creative side, education and marketing of the brand whilst Aston spearheads the sales.

“Spoil Him” became the brands moto and its foundations are firmly instilled in 3 fundamentals.

– Appearence – Each product had to look cool.

– Fragrance – Each product had to smell great.

– Quality – Each product has to work impecably.

Among the top components the brand uses in the creation of its products we can find quinoa, jojoba seed oil, organic shea butter, macadamia.

18.21 Man Made is a brand i enjoyed greatly investigating and writing about, sticking to its fundamentals every product looks indeed very cool. Not having tested any of the brands products myself and going purely by the opinions i managed to gather, 18.21 Man Made, apart from the stylish look of its products and box sets its a quality brand at affordable prices. The great reviews are a testament to the quality of 18.21 Man Made products.

From a wide variety of products i choose to highlight the 18.21 Man Made Shaving Glide Spiced Tobacco.

At the time i wrote this article it was ‘sold out’ on the brands wedsite, which is a testemony of the interest this product has created amongst consumers. The reviews are 5*.

For the modern men, to whom the hours of the day are not enough, this foam free, waterless shave is undoubtly a must try. Leving you smelling great with smooth and hydrated skin all day long.

I hope to write to you about other of the brands products in the near future.

Please do leave you own opinion or questions regarding 18.21 Man Made products on our website and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

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