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Baxter of California


Baxter of California, Created in 1965.

Los Angeles, CA

Baxter Finley due to a lack of cosmetics for men, decided to creat his own products, thus setting the foundations to the brand we know today.

Baxter of California, is a stylish brand for stylish men.

The brand has several prizes under its name, however, and in spite of all the accolades, customer satisfaction seats at the top of their priorities.

According to product reviews, Baxter of California is a very liked, followed and appreciated brand, a leading name in the mens cosmetic universe.

Its award winning best seller Clay Pomade, which, due to its quality, helped bring hair pomades back to the fold, with a firm hold, organic smell and matte finish its a favourit amongst consumers. Source

However the quality of its products goes beyond its Clay Pomade. With skin, hair, shaving segments Baxter of California has what a man requires for his grooming needs.

Among its products we highlight the following best sellers:

Thickning style gel – With Birch juice, Ginger, Vitamin B5. 

A gel created for all types of hair, designed to strengthen your hair great for slick back and pompadour styles. Paraben free.

Mica provides a lasting shine, while ginger and birch juice softens and smooths the hair. Feel confidante with no flaking, no crunch and no residue.

Skin concentrate serum – With Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), Vitamin E, Caffeine.

BHA reduces acne causing bacteria and skin blemishes without clogging up your pores. The BHA works to reduce the redness while caffeine and vitamin E help to reduce fine lines and aid in calming irritated skin. This is a Non-Comedogenic, fragrance free product.

For best results, read instructions carefully before applying.

Hydro salve body lotion – With Glycerin, Coriander seed oil.

This lightweight lotion is suitable to all types of skin. This is also a tattoo friendly lotion that can be used for tattoo care. Enriched with glycerin and coriander seed oil its versatile enough to be used on your hands or all over your body. Paraben free.

In 2010 Baxter of California opend its own award winning, flag ship, retro style barber & shop in Cienega, L.A.

Baxter Finley barber & shop is the typification of the brand and its products. A mixture of the olden days brought up to today’s modern style. The barber & shop is also where new formulas are tried and tested, to the brands and the customers very high quality standards. Source

Baxter of California’s quality and reputation attracted the attention of the likes of L’Oreal who acquired the brand in 2012. This merge made Baxter of California a bigger player within the men’s cosmetic market. The last 7 years can pay testament that this acquisition did not change what Baxter of California used to, and still does, stand for. In keeping the brands ideals, L’Oreal was able to keep its customers and attract new ones.

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