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As you know i am a mom and although i was lucky enough to skin condition free child, i know some families who struggle with it, having it afecting not just the children but the entire family (pets included).

That was the reason behind this article.

Por isto, decidi abordar a saúde tópica dos bébés e crianças.

A Baby Kingdom (BK) landed on my laptop, as always, after a small research or survey of brands that meet our requirements, even though these are broader than they may seem.

After scrolling through the page, reading news and reviews, I realized that the brand deserved our time.

Baby Kingdom was launched in the summer of 2018 and created by passionate parents, using the best ingredients possible.

The products are 97% to 99% natural, without sulfates, parabens and other potentially irritating substances, completely formulated and developed in the UK.

What amazes me about this brand is the international recognition it has achieved, with so little time in history.

Since its launch, BK has been able to gather many awards and appear in numerous press articles that establish the quality of the brand, with testimonials from happy and grateful parents, talking about the effectiveness of the products.

In 2019, The Green Parent Magazine Natural Beauty Awards gave the gold recognition to BK.

This event has awarded BK’s Eczema Body Cream as the best in 2019, in its third year of recognition.

The products chosen by this magazine are selected, dermatologically tested by a panel of professionals, bloggers and readers. The winners and other awardees will figure in the magazine , reaching an audience of 150,000 readers and parents.

This cream has also been dermatologically tested, proving to be non-toxic, anti-allergic, non-carcinogenic, vegan and 100% recyclable. The key ingredients of the formula are Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Chamomile, Vitamin E and Nettle.

Although it may surprise yo, since magazine always awards good natural products, what set this cream apart from others was, according to Melissa Corkhill, the magazine’s editor, ” its gentle moisturising effect, it’s lovely packaging and its beautiful scent .”

All these feats are due to the fact that the products are almost 100% natural and combine different ingredients, such as:

You will see in the image the reference to the use of Panthenol, an alcohol beneficial to the skin. This type of remark is rarely made public by brands, which often fear that the use of generalized technical terms might deter customers from betting on the brand. Once again, we have proof that an informed consumer makes smart choices (defensible or not) and brands usually gain with it, since nowadays any doubt can be easily dispelled with a quick internet search. If this search indicates any subterfuges in the use of terms, the brand will quickly gain a reputation for being misleading and false. BK is a frank, clear and high quality brand.

For the most curious, I leave some publications gathered by BK and where this figure, referring to the clear improvement of the topical situation of several children, after the use of products of this brand.


Since i am not familiar with any product and can not be indifferent to the prize, I obviously advise you the purchase of the award-winning Eczema Body Cream. These and other products are available at BK’s online store.

Purchase for delivery outside the United Kingdom requires you to buy through Childrensalon store with a slight price difference (£ 16.50 or £ 17.00 – approximately €19.00 to €20.00).

I mut finish now, so you don’t get tired, hoping this article can be a special one, addressed to those we love the most: our children.

See you.

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