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Hi again.
here’s another brand to look into.

ALBA Botanica is a US brand born in 1979 and … what a pleasure it was to write about it.

Some frustration started with the initial approach, which required filling out a form, given they dont disclose and email address. Despite being common practice, it still frustrates me. Maybe it’s my problem.

After realizing that I did not gather the necessary data to submit the form, I gave up the pre-approach and immediately went to the article writing. NOW the pleasure begins.

The brands’ image is pleasant and is one of the few brands that exalts our senses, to the point of almost allowing us to feel the smells refered in products. She is fresh, alive, aware and apparently very good too. Feels like eating and not just using the products.

But one step at a time 🙂

ALBA starts by presentig itself as responsible, green, visionary and not afraid to be feminine.

It enhances the need and belief that in doing good, everything improves. They use the motto #dobeautiful, as one who urges kindness.


Along with the brands’ incentive and empowering efforts, we have its products and ALBA acomplishments. The brand has developed formulas that respect the Leaping Bunny terms, ensuring that the products are free from animal cruelty and testing. But more than that, they are 100% vegetarian, coral-friendly, biologically formulated, use recyclable materials and do not use microspheres in exfoliation products:


The female empowermentt is clear not only in the ALBA narrative, but also in the brands’ philanthropic aspect, which focuses on girls’ education through the CARE project:


All of this is just asking us to bet on the brand and take the time to learn more about how we can participate ecologically in protecting the planet and our health. In the end, this is what we refer to: our primordial status as natural beings so lets invest in that.

There is a huge amount of products and dependiing on what we want to address, you can find great hair, body, face and sun care items.

since we hardly ever talk about body care and never talked about sun care, i’ll suggest some products i’d like to test too:

I propose the “Clear Enzyme” deodorant, with lavender aroma. The choice of such a simple product follows some cares that I have with my body and fears that I try to reflect not on restrictions, but on power ups and smart choices. As we know, the armpits have a particularly irritating skin, not to mention that most of us don’t take proper care of them. But in fact, there’s not much time for it so, ideally, it would be nice to have something we could easilly know is was the right choice, and “Clear Enzyme” seems to me like a good bet.

The aroma of Lavender and the fact that it is hypoallergenic, gives it a gentler touch than the normal deodorant. With antibacterial properties and no additives, it has a longer effect. The presence of Aloe Vera attenuates the tendency to irritation on this sensitive skin.

For sun care, i would go for ”Maximum Sunscreen – Fragrance free clear spray spf 70”.

The air pressure application system, allows itsuse of any angle, being ecological, light, fast drying, without perfume and helps to prevent burns and blemishes on the skin.

It has a water resistant (80min) biodegradable formula and is certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.

It is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and free of agents potentially harmful to coral reefs.

Let me just take a little break from this and say: It is in the reader’s best interest to keep these aspects in mind. The absence of reef-damaging agents concerns us, as well as the reefs, which are living, multi-cellular and sensitive beings. The fact that they are not affected means that little or nothing will affect us. Not that this is the only argument for environmental awareness, but it does serve as base line.

After all, we are what we eat and the skin, eats everything it gets in contact with.

But back into the products and for a great closure, i cant go without mentioning two more hair and body formulas i would like to try:

I’m counting on you to comment.

Alba can be fount on facebook and instagram.

See you soon.

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