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 Cless, under the directive “Beaty that completes” has grown meteorically since its inception in 2004. Care Liss was the company´s first brand to be purchased.

In 2006 acquired the brands Charming and Essenza.

In 2008, it continues the brand expansion with the acquisition of Lightner, in the same year signs a contract with Hoyu which allows Bigen products to be available outside its country of origin, Japan. Source:

By taking ownership of these brands Cless can satisfy a wider diversity of tastes and needs without neglecting the quality of its products.

In 2013, upon realizing a failure in brasil´s men market, they created the brand’s first products for men with the introduction of the “Charming Man” line. Source:

Studies prove that in the 70’s, in Brazil, only 2 out of 10 men used shampoo. From 2013 to 2019 the brand saw a growth of 700% in the sale of men’s products, which proves the change in the ideals that only women care about their appearance. Aesthetic care and well-being are no longer exclusive to women.

In 2018, and continuing Cless’s ideology, a new brand is acquired, Opus, this brand has been in the market for 49 years to date. This new brand holds the following patents, Salon Opus, Toilet Intima and Baby Poppy.

With the acquisition of brands with a track record in the market, with recognized experience and quality, Cless can satisfy the most varied needs of its customers, from combing creams, masks, conditioners, wipes, talcum powder, coloring products, deodorants for feet, hair care, bleaching powder amongst so many other products.

Cless is a reputable brand that strives on the variety and quality of its products. The number and variety of these same products makes it hard to single one out to be talked about in this article. If you wish to have more information about a particular product of your interest write in our blog and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more information.

However with Cless you don´t have to be necessarily a customer. Cless Multinível gives you the chance of being your own boss. Whether you long for professional success, financial security or just more family time, Cless Multinível could be the answer. Source:

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