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SURYA Brasil arose at a web research for vegan brands and responsible practices. As I got into it, I realized that while there is little visual fuss around the brand and products, responsible practices, transparency and quality are unmistakably a SURYA quality seal.

All ttheir products, as well as the ones proposed for online sale, indicate no harmful chemicals and no testing on animals. But what I really enjoyed seeing was the expiration date. Little to any brands put t and let alone indicate online, on outet products, where they still have 6 or more months.

In fact, the shelf life reference exists only in the outlet products, such as nail varnishes which, at 50% discount at the time of publication. With this discount the varnishes were still valid until July 2020. Again, a good and honest practice.

But, lets talk about the brand.

SURYA is a Brazilian brand and reportedly, the first in the country to be present throughout the American territory, which as we know is very very demanding. The brand has 20 years of history and focused the development of its products, in search of the beneficial effects of plants from the India and Amazon rainforest.

It later combined Brazilian ingredients such as Buriti fruit (similar to lychee), Murumuru (a kind of hazelnut-like dried fruit) and cupuaçu (I have no reference for this one…) with ancient Indian herbs and plants like Henna, to create a color that they claim is the best selling on the market (here). Among these ingredients, there are others that, to my surprise, are not just three more as is common in other brands. We talk about a list of over 50 ingredients, which is actually extraordinary!!


I have no doubt of its effectiveness since the reviews are almost unanimously positive and this, makes even more aeager to bring you a personal video, showing of the quality of the SURYA products.

They have certifications and awards and if I had to choose a product I would test this : KIT HENNA CREME COBRE, SHAMPOO, CONDICIONADOR E MÁSCARA SURYA BRASIL – K.13.13

Why? Because I adore copper shades (long before they became fashionable), because the kit comes with color, shampoo, conditioner, mask and because it comes at a great price (it should be converted into pounds, eur or USD). For such a complete kit with such high quality, ir is extremely affordable.

From what i’ve seen, you can buy outlet and promotion products, all year long at the website.

It is important to mention that the product images were altered by me, in order to aggregate all the important informatiom referenced in this article. The original images are in the Font (below the images). Through out the page you will be able to see all the information I pointed out, in its due place. We reached out SURYA to participate in this article but, had no feedback

You SURYA on facebook and Instagram.

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