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created in Brazil in 1997 with the aim of offering high quality products focused on body and hair, with more than 80 products on its list. Vizcaya does not carry any animal testing.

The brand aims to meet the needs of the most varied number of customers, with this in mind, Vizcaya invests on the development of its products through the modernization and use of exclusive raw materials.

Vizcaya uses thermal water found in the region of Biscaia in the north of Spain, in all its products. Two of the characteristics of the thermal water of this region are the high concentration of minerals and antioxidant elements, which are proven to help with hair repair as well as skin hydration.


In addition to the thermal water, all Vizcaya products are free of preservatives and salt, being dermatologically tested and also protect against sunlight. The brand is committed not to test its products on animals. In the field of hair Vizcaya has two lines, the Specialist and the Botanique. Being that the Specialist, as the name indicates, is a line more specialized in treatments more specific for the different types of hair, whereas the Botanique, a line with natural ingredients more inclined to  day to day needs.


The brand suggests that the simultaneous use of both lines contributes to healthier hair.

In order to guarantee more satisfactory results, you can find in the Vizcaya website a hair test so that the following care and treatments are the most suitable for each type of hair.


As in regards to body and skin care, Vizcaya has the exclusive line ‘Aqua’, which includes various liquid soaps, moisturizing and bath ‘sensations’, which according to the brand guarantee cared for and perfumed skin throughout the day.


In Brazil Vizcaya is a distributor of other world-renowned brands such as Blueberry, Montblanc, Hermés, Coach, Jimmy Choo, Salvador Dali and Van Cleef & Arpels.

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