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Similar to the Younique article, I bring you a brand created to try to solve a skin problem common to many men and women: inflammation after shaving your beard.

Yes, women.

After realizing the product had a good response from the public, the brand continued to produce it and at one point expanded the range of products.

Multi Vegetal is a Brazilian brand and the first product dates from 1990. The tonic for sensitive skin, made by Dr. Carlos Alberto Caetano, with extract of whale grass (or Cordia verbenacea), a plant native to the Atlantic forest and used as a healing and anti-inflammatory, allowed the development of other products and in 1995 Multi Vegetal emerged as an industry. The plant Symphytum officinale or Confrei was also used.

IFlont tried once again to see if the brand would be available to participate in the article but unfortunately, got no response.

After a little research I realized the brand grew in a sustainable way. She excels at responsible development and bases its formula on phytotherapeutic and cosmetic research. Contains no parabens, colorants, carbomers, ethanolamines, lauryl sulphates, silicones, artificial fragrances, animal ingredients, petroleum derivatives – pretroleum free products. All shampoos and liquid soaps are made without addition of salt (Sodium Chloride).

You can also find products for face care, body and hair, all of them obeying to the organic, vegan and responsible philosophy that has always guided the industry.

Since it is not possible for us to acquire products of all the brands we mention and because many of them do not know about our existence so no  I have turned to the beloved research.

Of the few brands that iFlont has already mentioned,  I found I difficult to choose which products I would bring out since quality makes selling difficult. For this reason, I choose one product from each category.

For the hair I choose the Deep Capillary Hydration and Restoration Kit.


This kit contains:

– Olive Oil Moisturizing Shampoo with Argan, Aloe and Hibiscus – 240ml

– Olive Oil Moisturizing Conditioner with Argan, Aloe and Hibiscus – 240ml

– Moisturizing olive oil cream with Argan, Aloe and Hibiscus – 240ml

– Restorative Hair Mask – 240ml

For a detailed reading of the natural active formulas and principles, check the details.

What pleases me in this kit is the range of products. By buying it, there is a considerable saving.

For the body I point the Breast Cream that we all know to be (very) important. We’ve all heard it does nothing, but trying doent hurt. If any of you has already tried it, leave a note in our facebook group.

For the face I point the Facial Soothing Soap. The ingredients are familiar to anyone who is minimally aware of the biological and vegan world. Must point out an ingredient that I love: Marigold.

Last key detail: the packaging.

It is common, especially in hair brands, to see that in spite of the attempt to develop organic biological products, the packaginf tends to evolve, change shape, colour and print.

Yes, I knoe the image is our first impresssion, but whoever buys vegan and/or organic products is sensitive to the content and not to the packaging. To see that Mutivegetal always uses the same color and emphasizes the need to buyand no more than two or three types of packaging is refreshing and brings awareness to need of intelligent and ecological buying.

You can find the miltivegetal on Facebook, Instagram.

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