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IFlont is a new project and it has not been easy to work on the blog without revealing what iFlont really should be and will be. By now, more than a page that speaks of brands, it is a starting point for a greater good and an incredible project. We are not idealists, we are just committed dreamers.

I leave this paragraph because I believe that the few (for now) readers or followers we have, wonder about the long-term value of a list of articles that seem to concern only a specific audience that will only read articles if you search for them, look for specific content, or run into them by chance. And even then the utility of iFlont will be… unclear at least.

Unfortunately I will not enlighten you now. We don’t want to and we can’t do it, but there’s certainly a lot more juice in this orange than the few drops we give you from time to time. It is up to us to sweeten this to the point of you not running away and having patience for the great revelation. When will it happen? Soon if it all goes well.

We’ve reached a small milestone this week and that is why this positive tone is so clear.

But, as usual, I´ll leave you a good and Portuguese brand which I believe you might already know.

Organii is a brand with at least 15 years of experience in Portugal, that has made consistent and recognized steps in placing quality, responsible and affordable products, available to all.

It is a brand that uses pleasant tones, that also stands out the lightness of smells and approach. More than that, it manages the products taking advantage of the need and demand of an increasingly sticktand above all, aware audience. As I mentioned, responsibility and quality are possible because Organii has teamed up with internationally recognized professionals, whether scientists or brands, creating a range of products for a variety of purposes. At this point, they operate in five areas: Cosmetics, Day SPA, Baby, Concept Store and Gym.

My contact with Organii comes from the use of Absolution – Light Color Day Cream (medium color available as well), and the effectiveness was as expected. It is normal that this does not happen for all of you but for a first experience and in the form of a gift (it was not an active purchase), the result could not have been better!


This cream has a soft touch and the color is slightly visible, which gives a well taken care but light image. The aroma is as expected (almost null for me), which allows the use of other fragrances without conflict. This is important to mention because I particularly like the idea that each of us has a specific odor that can be easily masked due to the number os products we use.

It is also important to note that Organii is a unisex brand (many are not). Much is said about the need for products for men and women, and although this may be true, skin types are the same in these two genders (or others). What differs is the care and time that a man and woman devote to skin (studies say), and that calls for a different approach, which results in a range products for everyone. Knowing this, it seems to me that Organii is unisex because it bets on the attitude that very soon we will all have some kind of care and joy to it, and by then, the good products will already be created. At Organii, they are just right there, right now.

Finally, and because the news appeals to anyone, Organii has launched sets of products for specific skin types and/or body care.

At an inviting price, the sets offer daily care products that are dedicated to non-make-up care, although good care translates into a beautiful and confident image.

They’ve launched:

Organic Hair Set – 28,50€

Comfort Winter Set – 19,90€

Experimenting Set- 28,50€

Sensitive Skin Set – 24,90€

We don’t know if these products are already available online, but if they are not, they will soon. See for yourself here.

Organii can be found on facebook and instagram.

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