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Hello everyone! Another week, another article. Today I’m going to kill the nostalgia for an article about makeup myself. Are there more makeup lovers on that side or do you prefer cosmetics in general? Of course, to have a good result in makeup, we…

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Hello good afternoon! Once again I hope you are well, healthy and happy. We are in another article, this one about an idea, project and brand that is worth knowing and learning more about. Last week the fashion theme/subject was in the spotlight, even…


Sandra Baldé

Hello everyone. Once again I hope you are all well. To start today’s article, I’ll first explain why I’m writing it. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but lately we’re doing articles not only about brands, but also about other subjects that mean a…

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all healthy and happy. Around here we are excited, since we have new content and some news. I take this opportunity and ask if you know what we are and what we do and what you would like…

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all well, healthy and happy. For today’s topic, like the brand, portrays well a healthier and happier life. As a woman, I am happy to talk about or introduce Clementine. Let’s get to know her better! In short…



Hello everyone! Another week, another article! Do you guys also feel like this year is going by fast? The first quarter has simply flown by. Now we can only hope that the continuation of the year will be better. Today’s article is not about…

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Hello everyone. We hope you are well and that the spring days will improve our state of mind in this difficult time for everyone. We believe that an article full of good information will improve your good mood, because we do everything so that…

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Valeur Absolue

Hello how are you? Another week, another article and following the sequence, today the category we will talk about is fragrances. The chosen brand is Valeur Absolue. Valeur Absolue is a brand dedicated to perfumery and not just any, but luxury. Bénédicte Faoucart, founder,…

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Wolf & Gypsy

Hello! Spring around here is about to arrive and that immediately gives us another cheer. And if there is something that also changes our mood is to know new brands, more and more conscious. Today we are going to talk about a jewelry brand.…

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Nazareth Collection

Hello everyone! Once again we meet here in our space of information and sharing. I hope you are well, healthy and hopeful, because more than ever it is necessary. To this end, we continue to bring you content here to learn more about various…